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Deals can be done or sealed with a kiss. Do you like what you see? This is a time for healing and wholeness. Togetherness and partnerships begin with our relationships with ourselves. If you are looking for that special someone, need to take care of business when it comes to an existing relationship and revive the love, heal a rift or just work that power of attraction, the 21 st sees Venus planet of love arrive in your 1 st. In fact, not just professional and material success but personal success too and the 2 nd house rules people who are assets to you and the 10 th pretty well anything that boosts that mojo and how others see you.

Take a fresh approach to how you get what you want, outcomes and compromise. The 21 st sees Mars in your 3 rd oppose Ceres in your 9 th. The more adaptable you become, the more likely you are going to be able to take advantage of the fast-changing situation that is going to arise when the Sun encounters Uranus in your 2 nd for the first time in your lifetime.

Which is more than a job title, what you earn or have.

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Come from this place of surety especially when it comes to negotiations or money matters now. The 29 th sees Saturn in its ruling 10 th in your chart slow before turning retrograde in here on the 30 th. As it does, it will oppose the North Node in your 4 th of home, security and stability while conjunct the South Node. Saturn rules timing and karma, and the Nodes are destiny and fate. If you are unhappy with your present career, then at some point between now and September, expect to be shown a path that is simply more you. Others may be asked to assume more responsibility at work or take a leadership role.

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People in positions of influence and authority feature — either assisting you or, in some instances, throwing blocks to progress in your path. The South Node is very much about things going round and round without us being aware we can step out of the cycle at any time. This is karma and destiny in action. The South Node where Saturn is, happens to be all about recognising patterns and deciding to react differently.

Saturn rules authority. Not just people in authority, but the authority we have over our own lives. So, depending on what presents itself and whether or not you feel restricted, held-back or blocked, you have the authority now to step free of a cycle and author that new direction. Make no mistake, you get to spin the Wheel of Destiny this April. But your advantage is, it merely points in the direction rather than drives you. And you get to head into a future that you can define, Aries.

But make no mistake, you get to drive your destiny in the direction you need it to go, now! Yes, I know change is usually what you resist, but a new Moon in your House of the Spirits — your 12 th , on the 5 th , is a harbinger of just that. And the changes you set in motion this month are set to leave everyone thunderstruck!

Just throw in Ceres, planet of powerful compromises in your change sector, illuminated by the Sun also in your 12 th , plus Jupiter retrograde in your 8 th from the 11 th and the message here is: claiming your freedom is long overdue.

That one where you confound everyone and simply nobody including yourself, will be able to predict what you will do next. Well, your friendly neighbourhood astrologer can most likely take a stab at it which is what this forecast is designed to do. The second week in April sees ruler Venus become entangled with Neptune in your house of friends, networks, bands, clubs, associations and social connections of all kinds.

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Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly video and written astrology forecasts by host to the biggest event of and an even that will define the whole of .. 21st Century Astrology tells us that our soul can grow and be tested by many. Your Weekly Astrology Video 2nd December – Massive Changes! Jupiter finally enters Capricorn and Venus conjunct the Soul node helps us shift.

Watch for misunderstandings and confusion over what is said or even where to meet. Above all, please take your time with any new connection that appears. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. So watch carefully around mid- month when that retro-active Jupiter squares Mercury and the Sun in your 12 th does the same to Pluto in your 9 th.

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And while a New Year is a time for new beginnings, goals and dreams, this ritual can be done at any time when you feel the need to change your circumstances or commit to a new path. Once particular connection could influence your future or totally transform it thanks to Venus meeting both Saturn and Pluto on the 11 th and 13 th. In other words, you have never experienced a dance quite like this one! On Monday October 29 a trine between the Scorpio Sun and the Cancer Mon provide you with a fabulous opportunity and the grace and foresight needed to let bygones be bygones Cancers. Choose different this time around? Jupiter will trine Uranus in your money zone on the 15 th while the Sun makes the same angle on the 24 th.

You also have a Grand Fire Trine on the 14 th , indicating change in the air especially around home, security, living arrangements and following the call of that higher, authentic self. If agreements have yet to be reached, be assured they will be. Moments of searing insight and the steel of spiritual truth are handed to go when Mercury conjuncts Chiron in your 12 th. Time to think about what you want and what you believe is possible. Time to release that secret love or secret self now. This is all about shrugging off old ideas about what you believe you can have or do — especially when it comes to relationships.

Being your house of health and wellness, this one once again illuminates all those hidden aspects of your life which have an impact on your energy and over all wellbeing. Acknowledgement for work done in the past, behind the scenes could be yours. However, if you have given too much, as the Sun swings into your 1 st asks you to make yourself your first priority. Be prepared for breath-taking events and for what you thought impossible, to become all too real for you now. Watch what occurs when for the first time in your lifetime, the Sun meets Uranus in your 1 st on the 22 nd. This could result in you and everyone else who knows you being thunderstruck as you act in new and unexpected ways or grasp the excitement of the new and undiscovered as opportunity presents itself!

Get ready for a big review around what really matters to you and where your priorities lie. It would not be your birthday season if we did not talk about love for the upcoming year. Ruler Venus arrives in your 12 th on the 21 st.

Linking you to a past love, that secret love that demands you own it now, and much needed self-love. Saturn, planet of promises and putting a ring on it, slows to station and then turn retrograde in your 9 th on the 30 th. Just before it does it will oppose the North Node in your 3 rd.

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Which of course means it is conjunct the South Node. Prepare for release and to commit to freedom. This may come in the form of a journey you are destined to take — real or metaphorical. It could also involve writing, publishing, the internet, learning and business — the message or idea you have or what you have to teach and share. What your soul burns to do, experience or share is part of why you are here.

In a nutshell: Welcome to a birthday cycle like no other, Taurus. All bets are off when it comes to living that dream — for real. Or for your capacity to astound yourself and others by what is possible for you now. Who moved your cheese? Yes, this all sounds oh-so-familiar to you because you know ruler Mercury simply has to be involved. The cheese metaphor works well seeing as the original book How Moved My Cheese? Illustrated classic responses to change via the reactions of mice.

Mercury rules small animals — those smaller than say a sheep, and ones in particular which squeak. Squeak up and be prepared to re-negotiate as ruler Mercury now direct but still in retroshadow, meets with Neptune in your 10 th on the 2 nd.

Aries Next Week

Deals may change. Goal posts get moved and people withdraw or renege. The best advice I can offer you is: get it in writing.

Aries Weekly Astrology Horoscope 14th October 2019

If you are offered a contract, you need to go through it with a fine tooth comb. Find that cheese. It could be people just seem to be unable to reach a decision or simply chop and change. Under this influence and until Mercury fully exits retroshadow you need to stay flexible but also ensure your word is your bond. Know and show where you stand.